Nipple connection in new shower/tub
Posted by Kelly on January 05, 2004 at 15:15:22:
I am replacing the shower/tub single handle hardware at my house. The manifold has a riser pipe outlet at the top for the shower, a tub filler outlet at the bottom, and a hot water inlet on one side and a cold water inlet on the other. The outlets are no problem. The inlets however, have about 3 inch long nipples (threaded on each end of course) between the manifold and the water lines. My question is this: after I screw one end of the nipple into the manifold, won't it just unscrew when I screw the other end into the water line? What is the trick here? Screw it all the way into the manifold and the half way into the water line so each side will have half the threads in business? That is all I can imagine but it seems like the backing it out of the manifold will compromise the seal, even with a healthy dose of teflon tape...

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