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Posted by e-plumber on January 05, 2004 at 14:13:37:
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: I recently purchased a home built in the mid 1930's. It has a new (5 year old Boiler) and of course a hot water heating system. The house is a two story house with a basement. The first and second stories are on one zone with the basement on a second. In every room there is a unit that has fins like a baseboard system only is behind a 2' by 3' vented cover. Each "heat register" has a shutoff and a bleeder valve. After bleeding the system twice, we have one room that does not always get hot.

: Should you start at the top or bottom of your system when bleeding each register??

When you open the bleeder valve you should get water to come out, if not, there is not enough pressure in the system.
Start from the lowest level and work your way up. Always bleed the air out of the system with the circulator(s) off.
The radiator valves that you have on each convection radiator could be quarter turn valves, make sure that the valve is in the open position to insure proper circulation.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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