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: : : : : Over the last month or so my wife and I have noticed our water has taken on a "silky" feeling. After showering or just washing hands, it's takes extra effort to get dry. I know this sounds strange, but something does not seem right. We have well water and use a water softner. Any thoughts? Thanks.

: : : : Never have showered with water softener water, but have been told water is silky as you described. How long have you had the water softener and have you had it serviced lately?

: : : This can be caused by "too soft" water because your softener is allowing to much sodium into the resin bedtank on regeneration. Try cutting back on the grains setting(ppm). This silky (know as a slimy feel) is actually your skins texture because its so clean. Without a softener, and using Hard water, your skin would feel dry, and less oily because the soap curds are not being washed off. Best to continue using the softener, but check out the settings etc on it,good luck, Hube

: : Hube, water is either soft or hard and the salt dose has nothing to do with the slick or slimey feeling zero hard (soft) water produces. It's as you describe, the skin's natural oils are able to get the the surface of the skin due to the soft water cleaning the skin's pores.

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: I have tried and tried to figure this out (I'm new to soft water and do not like the so-called "silky" feel) but no answers have been put forward on any websites I've been able to find. Firstly, soap is meant to break down and remove dirt/oil molecules, yes? Can somebody please tell me how soap suddenly becomes smart enough to know the difference between the natural body oils that have built up over a day or two's hard work and those that must remain on the skin, undisturbed (*not* broken down and washed away)?? Secondly, there *is* a point, after several minutes of rinsing, when the slimy--sorry, I mean silky--feeling is gone, when *finally* my skin feels clean (you can tell I was raised with unsoftened water). So, my next question is: at what point is the soap rinsed off? If I rinse for only a moment, the level of skiminess is very high...if I keep rinsing, the sliminess is lessened...and if I keep rinsing even longer, the sliminess is gone. Any non-marketing answers out there? Thanks in advance, PM

Yes, what we grew up with is usually what we like; good or bad. That's because we don't like change. It takes about 21 days to break or create a habit. but if you're convinced you don't like something, no amount of time, facts, marketing, old wives tales etc. are going to chenge your mind, only you can do that but.. You are focused on soap. Read up on soap and hard water and any problems with that combination. The only soap I know of on the US market is Ivory. It and hard water make an insoluable curd and that will create a ring around the tub at the water line. Figure out why and you have your answer to your slippery slimy feel after using softened water. Also look up info on human skin and it's ability to produce oils and what happens when the skins pores are not cleaned. Then ask yourself how the oily pores of the skin can be cleaned with hard water and soap.

Afterwards, then you can inform others that see slimy instead of soft and clean.

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