Re: bathtub faucet handles with no screws
Posted by hj on January 05, 2004 at 08:03:30:
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If the nut is on the bottom of the handles they could be American Standard, although '50 is a bit recent for that pattern. In any case, if that is where the nut is it unscrews from the handle. Then the handle will come off and inside there will be a screw to hold the nut on the stem. Other than that we would have to know the make and model.

: I'm trying to fix a leaking bathtub faucet, but I cannot see how to take the handles off -- they are solid with no covering plates on the front and no set-screws on the sides. There is a nut at the base of the handles (between the handle and the escutcheon), and I can loosen this nut, but that doesn't seem to help. The escutcheons unscrew from the wall, but I can't get them off without getting the handles off.

: I'm guessing these fixtures are as old as the house -- circa 1950.

: Any advice? Everyone I've talked to insists that there must be a set-screw, but there really isn't.

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