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Posted by Jason on January 05, 2004 at 02:38:39:
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It's not a "stall" per's merely a two walls tiled to the corner, with shower doors mounted to each wall and then mitered together. The shower head and faucet come out from the north facing wall. I want to remove the tiling and the attached doors, then relocate the shower head and faucet to the west facing wall. My problem is that on the other side of the west facing wall is the shower head and faucet for the guest bath (the two rooms back up to each other. The question is whether I will ahve enough room to attach a T-connector to the shower head line and the faucet line so that each room can use the same plumbing line. Additionally, I would rather not tear down that entire west facing wall simply to install a shower head line and faucet line to a pre-existing line as it would also have cosmetic effects on the other bath. Finally, the drain in the floor most likely is not appropriately situated to accomodate a new full-size fiberglass bathtub. What are my options?
: If you're taking out a corner stall then the studs will be exposed when you remove it. Just drill & run your water lines around the corner through the studs.

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