Re: Volume and pressure problem with shower
Posted by hj on January 03, 2004 at 22:55:56:
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Andre ia not a common faucets in most areas, but there should be a specialty plumbing supply source that deals in the "off brand" faucets where you can get a service diagram for it. Or contact Andre directly at 1-800-756-2284.

: Thanks this something I could do myself? Is there a place where I can find repair or parts info on this particular valve?

: : Calling a plumber to test the valve and possibly free up the balancing unit will be a lot cheaper than replacing a wall.

: : : I have a two handle (one for volume and one for temp-on/off) Andre shower valve model 2015-204-IP-SN that has very little volume or pressure. When on the cold side ti is much better but the volume handle does nothing.

: : : Any help on how to repair this would be much wife is about to rip open the wall!!!

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