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Posted by hj on January 03, 2004 at 22:46:42:
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If you removed the tile to work on the faucet, then you should have called a plumber first. You probably caused yourself a lot of extra work, since most problems can be fixed from outside the wall. At this stage, since you have never done it before, call a plumber before you cause even more problems than you already have.

: Hi Terry,

: Our hot water bath tap does not allow water to go into the main "center" faucet. The cold water works fine. I traded the cold water tap with the hot water tap and still the hot water will not come out the center.

: Yet there is water behind since if I take the entire tap out water comes out. I blew air into the cold water line and noticed it freely came through but the hot water tap seemed to be blocked. I tried the ol' wire method to see if there is anything blocking it but I came up stumped.

: Do I have to replace the entire "tree"?

: Yours most frustrated,...because I had to take tile out to work on this (very messy tub now)and I do not look forward to the task of replacing it. These are older copper pipes with no threads and I never done this before.

: Tom

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