Re: Novice--Washer and Gas Dryer Installation
Posted by hj on January 03, 2004 at 16:24:42:
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The drain and gas have very precise parameters regarding their installation and since we have no idea how the existing is arranged we cannot tell you how to make the connections. And even if we could tell you how to do it, without a picture you could still misinterpret the directions and do it wrong.

: I recently received a new GE washer/gas dryer pair, but the gift giver did not include installation. I must install the machines, but I have no hookups as of yet. Tapping the water line and running in to the wasther will be no problem, and neither will the dryer vent. But, I must also consider the washer drain and gas line to the dryer. I want the machines to sit next to my current hot water heater, furnace, and main sewer drain pipe in the basement. My questions are: 1.) is it possible to drain the washer directly to the sewer pipe (rather than running a hose to a drain 15' away)--and if so how?, and 2.) what would be the appropriate way to run a gas line to the dryer from the existing line for the furnace and hot water heater? Any help with this would be grealty appreciated.

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