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Posted by e-plumber on January 03, 2004 at 13:12:23:
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: I would like to install a back flush toilet in the basement and tie it into an existing 3inch PVC stack. The stack has a cleanout just above the floor that I would like to use for entry of the toilet drain for convenience. Is this acceptable? I could use a wye out of the stack to keep the cleanout.
: Also, in venting the toilet drain, there is a 1.5 inch vent from a floor drain that is about 12 feet away that runs up to the roof. Can I tie the vent from the new toilet drain into this vent (would be about a 12 foot horizontal run)?
: Thanks.

The threads on the clean-out fitting may not be typical pipe threads; 3", 4" (they're probably 3-1/2").
The job possibly can be done but the piping would need to be rearranged so the toilet can sit flat on the floor and there is an accessible clean-out.
The vent may be an issue, not the distance away from where the tie-in point is but the size, some codes require a 2" toilet vent.
Also, the toilet vent fitting needs to be in between the stack and the toilet.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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