Re: Water Heater Element - Flange type gaskets
Posted by hj on January 03, 2004 at 08:39:56:
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There are two kinds of 4 bolt element flanges. One is flat so the gasket with the element would be all you need. The other one has "offset" bolt holes so you need the "hose" type element. You only use one or the other and they are not interchangable between the two types of mountings.

: i just pulled out an old element, cleaned out the
: old gasket (the one the looks like a short piece
: of host). But the new element also comes with a
: gasket for going around the flange, would that not
: make the depth to great for the other gasket to work ?

: and ..

: the depth of the area that holds the hose like gasket,
: is about 1/16 of and inch deeper. inouther words the
: one that came with the new element is about 5/16 to 3/8 and the and the
: home is about 7/16 in depth.

: what is left of the old gasket is also about 7/16 or just a bit less.

: whats wrong ?

: thanks

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