wasing machine
Posted by Kathy on January 02, 2004 at 22:41:47:
I'm hoping someone can help. I always had a portable washing machine as we don't have actual washer dryer hook up. So we have a 110v electric dryer and a portable washer. The problem being the washer broke and the new portables are sooo darn expensive so we ordered a regular 110v full size washer. I'm hoping we can either put wheels on it and make it portable or get a long enough hose for the kit that hooks up to the kitchen sink. Has anyone ever hooked a regular washer up to a sink? On the portable we have a special hook up that attaches to the kitchen sink and empties to the sink also. I'm thinking if we put wheels on the standard full size washer we can use the same sink hook up or I could just get a longer hose(if I can find one) and leave the washer against the wall and just run the hose to the sink when using the machine. Does anyone think this will work? I really needed a bigger machine and this was such a good deal. Any ideas would be great. Thanks
In case it matters we live in a first floor apt. and the washer has always been approved by my landlord. We do hook the machine up to the kitchen sink and never had a problem with a heavy duty portable.

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