Running new hot and cold lines for renovated bath
Posted by Bronson Beisel on January 02, 2004 at 19:11:30:
Hello - Another question for the pros:

I am getting close to finishing helping my friend replumb her 1957 ranch house. I am not at the stage where I am replacing the galvanized lines inside the wall between the bath we have gutted and her second bath.

The current supply lines branch off below the floor in the crawlspace from a 3/4" trunk line. Is there any reason I should not or cannot run one 3/4" line for the hot and one for the cold up into the wall and then branch off of the line inside the wall as needed. The wall is currently open so there is no problem getting access to everything.

I feel it will be easier for me to do the plumbing that way since the two sinks involved back up to one and other with this wet wall between them (well, right now, it's one sink and the place where the other sink was and will be...).

I am using CPVC with solvent welded connections. Whenever I have to put a valve on, I am using the CPVC to brass transition fittings with screw connectors on the brass. These fittings and valves will be OUTSIDE of the finished wall, so the only joints inside the wall will be solvent-welded.

The only drawback I can see to branching off inside the wall is that if there is ever a leak there, I have to open up the wall to fix it. However, I guess there'd be the chance of a leak whether or not I ran one trunk line in the wall and branched off...

Anyway, I was just hoping to pick the brains of the professionals and see if there is something I am missing. Thanks!

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