Re: Shower Drain Replacement
Posted by Terry Love on January 02, 2004 at 18:37:30:
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: I've just torn out my old shower pan and the old 2" cast iron drain is in bad shape. I've looked everywhere on the net on how to resolve this problem, but I still have one question. If I join cast iron to a pvc drain with a Fernco coupler can this cemented over without any worries? How long would the life be for this type of connection? And is there a better way? OK that was three questions.
: FYI:This is a cement shower pan on top of a slab.

There are many ways to connect to a shower drain.
They do make connectors that work between plastic and cast iron.
Some drains work with rubber rings that tighten down.
If you use a fernco, which is rubber, why would you glue it?
If you have a drain that uses glue for attachment, you can cut down the iron pipe lower and use a connector there with a short piece of plastic pipe glued into the drain.

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