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Posted by JF on January 02, 2004 at 17:03:46:
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If your house is greater than 10 years old and your laundry room sink is at a lower elevation than the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, you may just have some "crud" in your lines. Read on:

It is possible that when you shut off your house's main water supply, portions of the water lines to your kitchen and bathroom were allowed to dry out. Then, when the water was turned back on, scale or minerals on the insides of the pipes that had loosened while dry could have fallen off into the pipe and been carried to the fixture strainers.

I suggest unscrewing the "cap" at the end of the sinks and cleaning the screens.

: We had to shut off main water valve to work on the laundry room's faucet. When we opened the water valve again, we found that water presure had been lost to the kitchen and the bathroom's vanity faucet. The presure is OK in the shower and toilet but the kitche sink's is at about half.

: What could have caused this and what do we do?

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