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Posted by e-plumber on January 02, 2004 at 16:20:07:
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: I might have made a mistake when I strapped some copper pipes. Had the wall opened up, so took the opportunity to strap down some copper pipes running into my bathroom sink. Only after I had replaced the sheetrock and taped, etc. did I realize that I did not put some barrier between the copper supply pipes and the strapping. I used standard straps from Home Depot, one was mounted with one screw and the other with two screws. I assumed since they came from the plumbing area of HD they would be fine for any piping, but perhaps I was wrong.

: Will such strapping interact with the copper piping and cause corrosion or electrolysis? TIA.

: Tom

If the straps that you used were copper coated, there's nothing to worry about, that's what they're made for.
If they're any other material you may have a problem down the road but it will be a long time before any leaks occur. I have seen in older homes that steel nails were used and bent around brass piping to secure it, 50+ years and no leaks but brass piping is much thicker than copper.
Good Luck e-plumber

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