Re: Old toilet drain - how to plug?
Posted by ED on January 02, 2004 at 14:05:40:
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Sorry, you can not use an old toilet drain for a floor drain. It does not have a trap, therefore, sewer gas would enter your basement.

The only options are to excavate and install a trap or cap it. If it's cast iron or other material, you will want to cap it with the same type of cap that the pipe is. Make sure it's sealed well to prevent leaking gas.

Once you cap it, you can floor over it. You may want to add documentation for future owners as to the vicinity of the drain, should they decide to re-use it (for a toilet).

: Hi,

: I just removed an old toilet that was installed in my basement. Is it possible to use this toilet drain as a floor drain and if not what is the best way to plug it so that a floor can be built over the drain.

: Thanks for any help in advance,

: Tim

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