toilet not flushing properly
Posted by becky on January 02, 2004 at 12:55:01:
I believe I have a toilet venting issue. During bathroom construction of another bathroom, we discovered the plumbing vent in the attic was apart at a seam not far from where soil stack goes through roof. We glued it back together. Since then, a bathroom located approximately 15'plus feet away has been acting up. It seems it's clogged (toilet paper only)but when plunged it works for about two flushes. The water remains low in the bowl and then when flushed again it does an exploding bubble thing and is 'clogged' again. What do think? The toilet is about 25 yrs old. The toilet in the other bathroom works fine for the most part and is new (I don't like new toilets-they don't handle as well!).

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