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Posted by HJ on January 02, 2004 at 08:17:30:
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If they are steel straps, they will not corrode unless they get wet, and any electrolosis would cause the copper to eat them away, but again, this also needs water to happen. If they are steel/silver your bigger problem may be abrasion as the copper tubing expands and contracts, and that will wear a hole in the tubing eventually.

: I might have made a mistake when I strapped some copper pipes. Had the wall opened up, so took the opportunity to strap down some copper pipes running into my bathroom sink. Only after I had replaced the sheetrock and taped, etc. did I realize that I did not put some barrier between the copper supply pipes and the strapping. I used standard straps from Home Depot, one was mounted with one screw and the other with two screws. I assumed since they came from the plumbing area of HD they would be fine for any piping, but perhaps I was wrong.

: Will such strapping interact with the copper piping and cause corrosion or electrolysis? TIA.

: Tom

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