Re: Air in water line (continued from October 2003)
Posted by David Wieland on January 02, 2004 at 00:09:47:
(To follow up a thread dropped after October 26, 2003 and in response to Hube's request to let you know how I fared)

It's taken me awhile to get to the point of being sure the problem was resolved, but I can now confidently report that the air in the water line problem I had was due to a malfunctioning valve on my Culligan Rustmaster iron removal conditioner. It was the pump serviceman I called, and who could find nothing wrong between the well and the pressure tank, who later pointed the finger at the iron "filter".

He explained that the iron removal device pumps air into the conditioner tank. However, there's also a valve to bleed off excess pressure, because the air pump runs at regular intervals without regard for the actual water usage. It turned out that the bleed valve got clogged, causing the excess air to make its way up the pipes. Because even the outdoor taps are higher than the iron filter tank, air was coming through all indoor and outdoor taps.

The solution was to unclog the air bleed valve, which happened as soon as I gave some gentle taps to the stuck bypass valve on the conditioner tank to get it to slide to the bypass position. Boy, was there ever a whoosh of air! It lasted for a few minutes, too.
Since then there's no air in the lines, and the water softener seems to be working much better, too.

Thanks for your help. I hope this info helps others, too.

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