Toto Model Comparison: Ultramax vs. Carlyle
Posted by Lynn Ashby on January 01, 2004 at 17:07:32:
I know that you rate the Toto Ultramax toilet very high but what I would like to know is: How does the Toto Carlyle toilet compare to the Toto Ultramax model with Sanagloss?

I am considering these two models for the new house I am building this year. I noticed that you rate the Ultramax as one of the top models, praising its flushing action and cleaning ability and the fact that the fill valves are readily available for it. Are the same things true for the Carlyle - is it functionality equivalent to the Ultramax with the only difference being the style? I really like the smoother skirt lines of the Carlyle that would make it easier to clean on the outside and, if all else is equal, I would rather have it for its style.

I want to place a Jasmine washlet on whichever one I get for the master bath but I haven�t found prices for it on your website. Could you send those to me and also confirm that the Jasmine washlet is compatible with both of these models?

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