Re: cleanout -- Tee or Wye?
Posted by hj on December 31, 2003 at 21:44:39:
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No matter what you use if you put it where you indicate, you are going to get a bath of sewer water when you take the plug out. In the first place it will probably never plug up because of the pump force, and second it would be better to put it on a horizontal section of pipe.

: I've got a section of 2" pvc pipe running at a 45 degree angle upward that removes waste from a sewage ejector basin. I'd like to put a cleanout on that run of pipe while I have the chance. What would work best, a 2" test tee/plug or a 45 degree wye fitted with a plug? The wye would give me a better angle if I need to auger upward. Is it up to code?

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