Re: does this part exist for pvc?
Posted by Greg on December 31, 2003 at 21:21:38:
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Two inches too high??? How did that happen? Allen, you may end up having to install an entire toilet shim. Basically raise the toilet to the needed height which, if done properly, wouldn't be an eye sore. And your taller-than-average friends/family would appreciate the raised seat.

: I am terrible at explaining things :-(

: The pipe is buried under the new finished floor. Then it connects to a 3" pvc elbow which is street on one side. The street part slides in the toilet flange BUT is about 2 inches too tall. If I take an inch off the street elbow and the toilet flange I am still up an inch too high.

: If I were to move the main pipe under the floor down I will not have any slope.

: So I was thinking if there is an elbow made that already has the toilet flange on it that might save a couple of inches. Or maybe a long low hub elbow - if that is made.

: It looks like the floor is going to come to make the connection.

: Guess its time to do a drawing... Can I upload it here? You did it somehow.

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