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Posted by John on December 31, 2003 at 15:09:07:
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I don't have a sump pump, according to the builder the fall from the house to the sewer is enough.


: Just wanted to add it is a walkout basement.

: Thanks,
: John

: : Hello, I'm getting an Intermittent sewer smell in my basement, the whole basement doesn't smell, it only smells in the south central portion of the basement where the builder told me the storm and sanitary sewers tie in. The nearby stairway is open (no door) and the smell will drift up to the other floors, and can be very pungent at times. The home is 3 months old and said to have past an air test. The city is telling me the smell is coming from the storm sewer and the gas is most likely seeping in from the drain tile around the foundation, and a trap can be installed by the street to prevent the smell. The sewer system separates storm and sanitary, however; some septic systems are tied into the storm, and I�m told that the water draining into the storm from septic systems �should be clean�.
: : Since I have been tracking the smell December 3rd and December 27th, 2003 were bad days, both of these days were either clear or cloudy with no precipitation. The temperature each day was warmer than the previous day and either snow melted or there was light rain on the previous days.

: : When it rains hard the smell seems to lesson, and when it has been dry for several days the smell seems to be minimal.

: : Also the only drain in the basement is by the furnace and always has water in it.

: : Does the trap sound like a reasonable solution?
: : I�m afraid if the trap becomes blocked the basement would flood.

: : Any other Ideas?
: : Any other concerns?

: : Thank you in advance,
: : John

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