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Posted by Greg on December 31, 2003 at 08:15:39:
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No offense toward your friend, but I'd seriously consider another contractor (recommendation at least). I am all for overengineering, but only when there's a benefit. If potential water damage is a concern, then your friend should be using a vapor barrier behind your cbu (cementitious backer unit, aka Durock, hardibacker, etc.), as recommended by most manufacturers.

I do believe it would be a huge mistake not to use reinforcing wire in your mortar bed. If you haven't already done so, please post your same question to the tilemen (and woman) at Good Luck. Greg

: Thanks for the response Greg,
: I did email USG and received the same response - only one layer is needed. I believe my friend recommends the two layers to add extra protection for any potential water damage. Looks like he is doing an extra precautionary step.

: I´┐Żll have to keep researching the mesh/mortar issue.

: Thanks again,
: Heather

: : HI,
: : I'm doing a bathroom remodel and am currently focusing on building the shower. I plan to do a mortar bed for the floor and use durock for the walls. I have a friend who does this for a living and he has recommended two layers of 1/2" Durock for the walls - is this necessary or is one sufficient?

: : Also, for the mortar floor and floated curb, he indicates that he would never use any type of wire mesh for reinforcement. His arguement: the wire mesh could potentially damage the CPE pan. This goes against everything I've been reading in mortar bed construction. Can you please advise?

: : Thanks,
: : Heather

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