Re: How good is the Toto Promenade?
Posted by OJoy on December 30, 2003 at 23:13:06:
In response to Re: How good is the Toto Promenade?
: : I have purchased two Promenades (for the look) and was wondering what kind of performance to expect. I don't see this toilet referenced very often in reviews and discussion.

: It's very similar to the CST704.
: Performance is fine.
: It's a washdown bowl.
: I prefer the siphon jet Toto over the washdown though.
: It does look nice though.

Hi Terry

Could you elaborate why you prefer the siphon to the washdown
bowl? I have the Caroma Tasman (that is a washdown toilet) and
and very happy with it. It is a fantastic flusher.

Actually there is evidence that the siphon flushing is unable
to really flush properly unless extra force is added such as
pressure assist etc. Why are the North American toilet manufacturers
still clinging to the siphon flushing technology. Isn't it time
that they caught up with the rest of the civilized world that uses
wash down flushing technology?

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