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Posted by hj on December 30, 2003 at 17:54:43:
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1. Could be a bad idea.
2. Yes to both
3. 2" is best at a 1/4" per foot, but pitch is the easiest requirement to follow.
4. It depends on how you run them.
5. Impossible to advise you with knowing exactly how the existing piping is arranged, but the answer is probably no the way your question is asked.

: Scott,

: Bad idea.
: You need dedicated 15 amp GFCI breakers (or plugs), 1.5" pvc drain trapped and vented to code. If you're really that eager to install some of this, I'd recommend hiring a professional (or two) that will allow you to assist them. Good Luck. Greg


: : First, from first impressions this looks like a great list. Thanks for all the good information.

: : Now to the real questions.

: : 1. I am installaling a new bathtub in new construction and need a good schematic for the plumbing. I am a novice but would like to try it on my own (good idea?)

: : 2. The manufacturer of the American Standard Cadet Whirlpool bath states that you need a dedicated 15AMP circuit for the whirlpool and a separate dedicated 15 AMP circcuit for the whirlpool heater. Is this accurate?

: : 3. When positioning the drain for the bathtub how much pitch is required and what is the optimal size of PVC to use 1 1/2 or 2"?

: : 4. Once again Novice question...between the studs do I need support i.e cross bracing for the new copper plumbing when I bring in the new supply lines?

: : 5. All the documentation that I have read requires that the bathtub vent be according to local code. What is the normal and most prominent way to locate the vent? If the drain is tying into exsting drains can that share the same vent for the overall home?

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