Re: Gurgling Toilet follow-up Question...What next?
Posted by e-plumber on December 30, 2003 at 17:07:07:
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: Hi,
: A few days ago you answered a question regarding a home's toilets/bathtubs gurgling and if snaking the vent is necessary. I am having this exact problem. Yesterday a plumber snaked from the roof down the vent for 134 feet into the main drain (he said). It cleared the problem for 1 night. Today it's happening again. What do I do next? I paid $300 yesterday for 1.5 hours work. There are two baths on the same level but the main drain is down in the basement. Help...
: Thanks,
: Lisa

The main drain line should be inspected. Have the same plumber return to check and rectify the problem if it wasn't done properly, he/she may have poked a hole in the clog instead of thoroughly clearing the stoppage.
Under normal conditions, based on your description of the problem, most drain line clogs like yours can be cleaned from the basement drain piping instead of going on the roof, which is an absolute last resort.
Good Luck & Happy New Year. e-plumber

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