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Posted by Greg on December 30, 2003 at 13:23:33:
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For some reason, your contractor doesn't want the job, but laminate is an option, even with the fluctuating temperatures. But, it's probably not a great one. Most laminates today are snap together which, while some seams are water-resistant, isn't ideal for a house entry if you're likely track in lots of moisture. Concrete is the perfect surface for ceramic tile. If you choose that, just make sure to remove the remaining (asbestos?) tiles and prep the surface. Good Luck.


: Hi again: The temp below should read 55 F, not C. Habit from my job.

: : We removed the carpet from the entry level of our home. We found broken asbestos tiles at the edges and remediated that problem, leaving unbroken tiles in place in the center. The tile was laid directly over the concrete slab. My question is what is the best option for covering this ugly space. We had contracted to have laminate flooring installed, but they backed out of the job because we cycle our heat down to 55 C when we are asleep or not around. They said that we need to maintain a constant temperature for laminate flooring. What can I say, we like saving energy when we can. Given that we are unlikely to stop turning our furnace down at night or during the day, what is the best option for us to cover over the space? There is a 1-3' gap at the edges that is bare concrete with the rest being tile.

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