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Posted by jennifer on December 30, 2003 at 09:06:05:
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: I have a customer who has been fighting with Santec over bad finishes for about 8 years or more. They have replaced the parts several times and now she has given up and is going with a different company. With Delta, and many other brands you are paying for the parts you see, not the inside parts.

: : : We are looking for quality faucets for sink and shower. We bought Delta shower faucet and Moen sink faucet at Expo. (The salesman said they were about the same. I thought Delta was supposed to be a good quality (the price was $200- 300 for each). But should they be made of plastic? We expected more for the money. Or are we really buying the inside parts at this price? We went to a small supply place and just became more confused.

: : : Thanks, Jennifer

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: : Add: Now we are looking at Santec, any opinions?

Thanks, I guess we won't bother with the Santec. Is all Delta's made of plastic then? Or do they make soem made of metal? Why does everyone seem to think their one of the best then? The ease of getting parts?

Thanks for the reply. Jennifer

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