One more piece of advice please!
Posted by Tom's still in trouble on December 29, 2003 at 19:56:13:
I posted a few days before Christmas about a leaking joint that wiped out some drywall in my kitchen before a party. You suggested (as I figured I needed to) that I replace. Here's my question:
How good are flexible drain couplings? I am going to have to insert about 6 linear feet into my second floor drain line including a drop from a closet flange. To make a solid connection on each end will require me to couple one end into existing 3" pipe near another fitting and work my way to the other. To do it right, I will have about a 1" overlap to make sure it makes up solid if I use a typical coupling. You and I both know I can't bend 3" pipe enough to make that up. I also am sure that if I try to move existing plumbing that 1" to get it right, something will give...I just feel it. I found a rubber "flexible coupling" made by PlumbQwik I think that promises permanent coupling. Is this the answer or do you have a better suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

Tom Payne

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