House Trap Issue
Posted by Justin on December 29, 2003 at 19:24:30:
At the edge of my yard, I have a "house trap" just before my sewer connects to the city main. Between the trap and the city main is my primary cleanout. The trap frequently clogs up (once every two weeks) and I have had to call plumbers because my rooting cable can't break through.

A plumber said these traps were installed back when the sewer and storm drain were combined to prevent water from backing up into homes from the main. He said the pipe on the city-side of the trap was slightly higher in elevation than the last 10-15 feet of my sewer piping and that the cleanout also acted as an outlet for city storm water when mains became too full or backed-up.

He said my only option is to remove the trap at a cost of about $1000. I don't think removing it legal or advisable, but I can't afford to pay for another rooting and I don't think my home warranty will pay for the fix. My house was built in 1945. Do I have any other options? Any help would be appreciated.

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