Just to clarify -- Best way to Install bathtub spout
Posted by MarkDIY on December 29, 2003 at 09:59:54:
In response to Just to clarify -- Best way to Install bathtub spout

Just wanted to clarify that instead of the copper elbow and the stubout line soldered to it -- I could remove that and solder on a brass female elbow fitting. Then, I would solder a male brass nipple onto the end of a 8" copper pipe and screw that into the elbow fitting (for the stubout line). For attaching the spout, I would solder on a male brass nipple at the other end of the same copper stubout line as well. Correct?

: The best way, long term is to use a female adapter elbow and a brass nipple, not galvanized. That way in the future you can change the dimension if you have to replace the spout and cannot find an exact duplicate.

: : I've installed a new bathtub and have stubbed out a 1/2" copper line from an elbow where the bathtub spout will be. I will then cut it off and solder on a male threaded connection and screw the spout on. Is there a better way than this? Also, what is the best way to measure where I need to cut the stubout so the spout is not too short or too far from the wall?

: : I thought about putting in a brass elbow and then screwing in a piece of galvanized pipe. Is that a better route to take than copper? The copper seemed easier and I had all the fittings.

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