Toilets: Amer Std Champion vs Toto vs Kohler
Posted by jlr on December 28, 2003 at 21:45:53:
Rebuilding a shore house (with septic), shopping for 3 toilets. Never expected toilets to be such a difficult choice.

Was leaning toward the Kohler Wellworth after the CR article. Then, after talking with the local plumbing supply and seeing this site and other internet info, thought Toto was the way to go. Now, wondering about the new American Standard Champion. Seems to incorporate some of Toto's key features: 3" flush valve and bigger (2 3/8) trapway.


1. Can anyone comment on the American Standard toilets with "America's Best" flushing system?

2. Saw some comment that the Toto toilets -- by design -- do not have a circular water motion during the flush. The criticism was that Toto may allow you to get rid of your plunger, but that you'll need a toilet brush instead. Any reaction?

3. As long as I get a GMax Toto, is the flushing performance basically the same? Or are there differences within the GMax family?

Finally, appreciate any general comments. I'm going to have to place an order pretty soon ...

Thanks in advance for all responses.

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