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Posted by Hube on December 28, 2003 at 15:19:12:
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: We have been having problems with our water and any help would be greatful. When you turn the faucet on you usually get a blast of air and then you get a little bit of water maybe a gallon then nothing then air then water usually takes a cople hours to get 5 gallons of water out. We have two in home filters that we changed. we put on a new pressure switch. we also cleaned the pipes by the pressure switch because we have iron in our water. Also the holding tank is not filing with water. Hoping this is a simple fix but I doublt it. We were told maybe our well was out of water but wouldn't the water be dirty? our well is 200 feet we put a new pump on 6 years ago.If the pump was bad I figure we wouldn't get any water at all. Someone also said that their is a filter on the pump and that it could be clogged. Another person said my holding tank is bad. Do you have any ideas I can do to check any of this before I have to call someone in to check it out? Or do you have any other ideas?
: Thank you in advance for any help you can give me
: Bonnie
If this is a jet pump ,it could be a leak at or near the check valve. If it is a SUB pump, (in the well) it could also have a leak in the incoming line. What pressure is the tank set at? It should be 2 psi below the cut-in pressure of the pump. When you remove the air valve to the bladder tank is there water present? Hube

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