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Posted by Deb on December 28, 2003 at 11:03:44:
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: My water pressure reducer has evidently failed. I get water squirting out of the relief valve of the water heater early in the morning and in the afternoons. I put a gauge on a faucet and it read 175PSI this morning at 6:00AM. This reducer has been on less than four years. The water company says we have up to 230 PSI on the public lines here.

: What type of reducer should I buy. Is there an industrial grade that will handle reducing from over 200 pounds down to 50 or 60? Should I put in two? If so, specifically what make and model? I have found that most of the advice I get at the building supply houses is not very dependable so I thought I would inquire here. Thanks.

Do you have an expansion tank installed at your water heater location? Pressure reducers are meant only to regulate the pressure as it enters your home. Thermal expansion can push that pressure high enough to blow the T & P valve if no expansion tank is installed. With pressure that high, the excess pressure will not bypass back into the system. Run water and then check your pressure. The gauge that has sat all night is registering thermal expansion, too.

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