Re: Water heater intake nipple leaking
Posted by nicktheplumber on December 28, 2003 at 00:36:26:
In response to Re: Water heater intake nipple leaking
I agree with Gary. Threaded pipe and fittings are, after all, mass-produced items. They generally meet specifications, but sometimes do not. I have assembled numerous mass-produced pipe/fitting joints that leaked despite perfect assembly technique on my part. That's why I have an assortment of standard pipe taps and dies, If I have a leaky joint, I work the fitting and pipe with the appropriate tap and die and reassemble the joint. I've never failed to obtain a secure joint by doing so. Of course I make sure that I'm not dealing with a cracked fitting. Pipe fittings are not all equal. Some are piss poor and just leak. I've learned to be suspicious of some foreign-made fittings, especially those from Asia and Mexico. I've bought up all of the locally available US made copper and galvanized fittings I can find, for this reason, and I haven't been disappointed.

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