Re: Water heater intake nipple leaking
Posted by Deb on December 27, 2003 at 19:05:55:
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: Hi. My husband and my Dad just put in a new Rheem 40 gallon water heater. The cold water intake nipple won't stop leaking even though they used teflon tape. When they put the tape on it, the threads really cut into the tape. The tape is all bunched up at the top on the outside when the threads are screwed together. When they unscrew it, there are three or four completely clean threads, plus it leaks. (Teflon tape was used successfully on the top threads.) They took off the tape and used pipe joint compound. This didn't help either. They also replaced the nipple three different times, with three different nipples. Each one leaked. They hoped it would self seal overnight, but it's still leaking, and it's getting worse.

If the teflon tape bunched up, you wrapped it on backwards. What kind of nipples were you using? Make sure that something hasn't split out. Since threads are tapered, it is possible to tighten a nipple tight enough to split the female fitting.
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