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Posted by Jeff Fowler on December 27, 2003 at 13:36:55:
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One more thing...

Yesterday, I verified the pump on and off pressures and then turned the pump off and opened some faucets to drain the tank and verify the air pressure. Tell me if this means anything:

From 74 psi, the tank drained at a normal rate until a little over 60 psi. From 60 to 45 psi the drain was very, very slow and then from 45 to 10 it was very, very fast. At 8 psi, the pressure gauge was not moving so I opened the drain valve which resulted in the pressure reading slowly dropping to 4 psi. It never dropped below 4 psi, even when there was just a slow drip coming from the drain valve.

Do you think it's possible that my pressure gauge and/or pressure switch are bad?

: : Merry Christmas, Gary! I did get a kick on the trickleometer!

: : We get the 'extremely low volume' when the pressure gauge is on the low end. Once the gauge reaches 48 psi, the pump kicks on and we will get water pressure back. With the old tank, we had a LOT more volume on the low end.

: : According to the manufacturer, the water capacity of the new tank is 35 gal, but the drawdown at 40-60 psi (I'm at 48-74 psi) is 9.3 gal.

: : I don't know the size of the old galvanized tank - the info plate was badly corroded - but it stood about four feet tall and had a picture showing a "Merrilfloat" (sp?) on the side. I have pictures of the old and new setups, if that would help.

: : Should I look at bringing the pump 'on' pressure up?

: : Thanks again!

: Your trickleometer is working just fine. :) but what you need to do is reduce the pressure settings on the switch to 40/60 and the air to 39-38 psi with no air in the tank so the drawdown is greater and less likely to be as noticeable. IMO 30/50 would be even better, but.... you could have some restriction from the new plumbing you've done putting in the new tank. maybe a valve not fully open although it seems to be; gate valves are famous for that.

: Otherwise, I'm out of ideas.

: Gary
: Quality Water Associates

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