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Posted by Deb on December 27, 2003 at 12:02:27:
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: I am moving a washer from the basement to the first floor. I ran a 1 1/2" drain approx 30' to the existing utility tub in the basement. I installed no trap or vent because i am going into a utility tub. Before i close up the wall, is 1 1/2" large enough?

Washers require a 2" drainage line.
Indirect waste should be on the same floor.
You still need a p-trap and vent.
This is a really bad install and I would rethink the whole thing before I closed up the wall.
If you decide to go with this, check your homeowner's insurance to see if it covers flooding caused by incorrect, unpermitted, uninspected plumbing.
The Pipewench

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