Re: central heating hammer
Posted by Sylvan TiegerLMP on December 26, 2003 at 17:18:21:
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: how can i eradicate what is probably a contraction/expansion noise.It's audible when central heating boiler is ACTIVE & when it deactivates.It appears to eminate from a single point.I'm reluctant to remove flooring.It would be a major task. I would appreciate any practical cost conscious advice.

If you hear a rubbing sound you soon may have a major heating system failure as the friction of the rubbing pipe will wear out this section and cause a leak.

If your hearing noises from coefficients of expansion and contraction per degree per inch in temperature change means someone may have not provided means for proper expansion and contraction and this too places undo stain on piping systems.

Also you may want to hire a LMP to check the velocity ( F P S) of the water traveling through this piping especially if it is copper tubing as Copper should never have a velocity of more then 3 FPS especially if the water temperature is 180 Degrees F. or more as this will cause erosion and make for a noisy system and some hydraulic shock

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