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Posted by Sylvan TiegerLMP on December 26, 2003 at 16:49:13:
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: how can i eradicate what is probably a contraction/expansion noise.It's audible when central heating boiler is ACTIVE & when it deactivates.It appears to eminate from a single point.I'm reluctant to remove flooring.It would be a major task. I would appreciate any practical cost conscious advice.

If you hear a "rubbing" sound you maybe headed for a premature heating system failure as this rubbing which causes friction can and does wear out the thin walls of most modern heating materials.

You may want to contact a LMP to see if adequate provisions were provided for the coefficient of expansion and contraction of these heating lines.

For copper systems the velocity should not exceed 3 FPS especially if the heating water is 180 degrees or more as this system will fail from erosion.

Hydronic systems should be felt never heard unless there is a problem in design or air in the system

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