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Posted by Sylvan TiegerLMP on December 26, 2003 at 16:24:59:
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: I had a 40 gallon gas water heated installed on Dec. 10. On Dec 24, I discovered a large dent, about 5 inches across and 3/4 inches deep, in the bottom portion of the water heater. It had been concealed by the standard paperwork that accompanies a water heater. That paperwork had been taped to the side, but fell off, and that is when I discovered the dent. When I called the company I purchased if from and demanded a replacement, they brushed it off and told me it would not affect the safety or performance of the unit. Do I have a concern here?

Unless this tank was dropped from a great height FORGETABOUTIT leave it alone as you still have your receipt and some type of warrantee against leakage.

There is usually enough insulation provided to protect the glass lining of these tanks.

For a tank that cost around $200 why make yourself crazy just cover the dent and take a long hot bath and relax.

Most tank failutes are caused by folks who do not to take proper action when soldering the connections near the tank inlet and outlet or not installing dielectric fittings.

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