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Posted by Sylvan TiegerLMP on December 26, 2003 at 16:07:19:
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: Hi -

: The P trap assembly in my basement bathroom sink fell off. In the past, someone connected the P trap and tailpiece to the drain pipe (metal, this is an older house) with some kind of rubber hose and hose clamps.

: The drain pipe barely extends past the wall, probably 3/4". OD looks to be 2".

: What is the proper way to connect the PVC P trap to the metal drain pipe?


Most basin wastes are either 11/4 or 11/2" pipe so you should be measuring the inside diameter.

Depending on the condition of the existing piping and how much damage was caused by the electrolytic action of mixing ferrous and non ferrous metals touching determines the proper repair.

If only the threads of the galvanized piping are corroded and you can remove them and use a MISSION COUPLING you can go IPS x Tubular if your using a J bend of trap If your going IPS to IPS then a regular no hub coupling is fine.

The problem with trying to use a "no hub" coupling to go from IPS to copper is the crushing of the outer stainless steel covering of the coupling.

A mission coupling comes in various transition sizes and makes for a much neater and gas tight fit BUT it does cost a little more a Fernco Coupling I personally would consider completely out of the equation unless you don't care and are looking to get away as fast and cheap as possible with total disregard to better plumbing practices

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