Thanks Terry, Deb, and others!
Posted by Bronson B. Beisel on December 26, 2003 at 15:12:57:
I just wanted to follow up with all of you today to let you know that I just finished installing the new brass shut off valve at my friend's house! I successfully removed the galvanized pipe just above the 90 degree elbow where it entered her crawlspace. I did have to use the propane torch to heat the fitting a little bit, and then I had to use a lot of muscle and leverage to get the pipe loose, but it worked!

I then installed a 6" brass nipple, used the teflon sealant Terry recommended, then attached the brass ball valve. When I turned the water back on at the street, there were no leaks whatsoever!

Thanks to all of you for your help. Tomorrow I will begin installing the new lines. I spent some time this afternoon getting a new freeze-proof sillcock through the outer wall. This one had a fitting on the end that was slightly larger than the opening in the wall, so I had to spend some time widening the opening.

Anyway, I'll let all of you know how the rest of this job goes, but so far, it's been going great!

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