Re: Well system water pressure falling off
Posted by Gary Slusser on December 25, 2003 at 20:08:23:
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: Thanks for the response, Gary.

: My problem is that my pressure drops off to a heavy trickle and takes a long time to come back up.

heavy trickle... you don't measure pressure with a trickleometer, only volume. lol What does the pressure gauge show as the pressure when this happens? Is the pump running when this happens? What drawdown, the gallons from when the pump shuts off until it comes on again, do you get out of this tank? How many gallon tank is it and how many was thre old one?

: I went through every post for the month of December and into November, but never saw anything about going too big. Based on the size of the old tank, I was wondering if I didn't go too small (I have pictures available).

Then it must not have been here where I've stated how too big can cause problems. Possibly it was before Nov.

: By the way, the pump cut-in pressure is 48. The pressure inside the tank was brought up to 46 before filled with water (the tank was precharged to 40 psi). Isn't that correct?

If the 'air' pressure was set at 46, then yes, that's correct.

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