Re: Hardibacker installation
Posted by Greg on December 24, 2003 at 14:48:53:
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Easier? Yes. Smarter? Absolutely not. I would neither recommend it nor do it myself. Real thinset mortar (not the premixed stuff in a bucket) is what you should use. The idea of mortaring underneath the hardibacker is NOT to fasten it to the floor, but to support any void spaces between your hardibacker and subfloor, thus preventing future tile and grout cracking. To hold down the hardibacker, use 1.5" roofing nails or hardibacker screws. Good Luck. Greg

: I'm going to install hardibacker 1/4" under my tile. A remodeler said I could use liquid nails instead of thinset before I screw it down. I've not seen this anywhere but it seems like it would save time. What are your thoughts?

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