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Posted by e-plumber on December 24, 2003 at 14:12:15:
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: I'm installing a one-piece fiberglass tub/shower unit. The faucet mixer I have has a piece of black plastic around the stem that's 6" in diameter. I believe that part will be removed for the actual install.

: When installing the mixer, the should the face of that black plastic piece be flush with the fiberglass side of the shower? In other words, do I cut a 6" hole in the unit? Also, are there any standard heights (on center) above the floor for the spout and the faucet handles?

: Any insight is appreciated. This will be an expensive one to screw up! Happy holidays.

The size of the hole does not need to be six inches in diameter, only large enough for the shower faucet stem and trim to fit through, you could always make notches in the fiberglass if the faucet will have integral shut off valves.
The plastic round piece should have writing on it instructing the installer where the face of it needs to be, there is usually a range of distance.
The height of the valve body is 12" from the tub rim, the spout is 4" from the tub rim and the shower head about 80" from the tub floor.
Good Luck & Happy Holidays. e-plumber

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