Re: TOTO Ultramax MS854114(S)
Posted by Paul Carranza on December 24, 2003 at 12:37:14:
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: : Terry - I purchased 2 based on your recommendation and they work great. However, for some reason when I flush one the water level in the other bowl goes down lower and lower with every flush. They are installed back to back with common plumbing, drainage etc. in the wall between them. Had a plummer check for vent and drain blockage problems and none could be found. Oh, even though both were labeled as the same model toilet, the bowl and trap designs are different (pursuing this issue with the supplier). Any ideas as to why one is pulling water from the bowl of the other? Thanks.

: Steve,
: I would check to make sure the refill tube is directing water into the overflow tube.
: Terry

I would check to make sure the common vent is not plugged.

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