Re: Hot water in the cold system
Posted by John Scott on December 24, 2003 at 09:27:56:
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:Hot out of the hot taps....all taps are the mixer types
: This problem is in a new rural house. water is pumped from the lake and filtered etc. It runs 3/4" copper out of filter to a tee 1/2" to water heater and cold feed to house. When cold taps are turned on hot water comes out all of them same with a tolet flush. The lines are not crossed so cold is cold line and hot is hot. Could it be some how a problem with the pipe size creating a syphon from the hot water tank or a cross bleed in a faucet? or something else Help!!!!

: you didnt mention what comes out the hot taps. do you have an isolating non return valve just prior to the water heater, if not put one in , this will stop any syphonage . are all your taps [faucets]mixer type or standard spindles with jumper valves. if it is the later and you have a shower bath or basin that you havent fitted off as yet ie no jumper valves then this could be the problem

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