Re: Slow drain in new sink installation
Posted by e-plumber on December 23, 2003 at 18:11:45:
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: It does sound like the vent is not working. A properly working inline vent will handle a sink quite easily, so my feeling is you have a bad one. First thing however, take the trap off and make sure there is no debris clogging it. Since you know where the vent is, you don't have to tear out an entire wall, just cut a hole large enough to get to the vent and replace it. Test the new one before closing the wall.

The lavatory pop-up drain assembly may need to be adjusted to increase flow, the stopper may not be raised enough.
To check the operation of the AAV, just unscrew it from the line, then run the water, see if it drains at a quicker rate, if it does, the AAV is defective.
In addition, the AAV is not permitted by code to be concealed in the wall, access is needed to the valve through a panel of some type.
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